Wittnauer Electro-Chron Landeron 4750

Rp 8.000.000


History of Wittnauer is back to 1866, when they have business to import watches from Switzerland to USA.

Their main business is import Switzerland to USA.

They made wittnauer brand to make the price lower because they assembly inside the country

Indeed at 1936, they change the company name to Longines-Wittnauer watch company because they mainly import Longines.

Although they import other major brand such as Vacheron & Constantin and LeCoultre.

They made Wittnauer brand to be positioned under Longines because the quality is great and Price is Expensive at that time.

Even though the Wittnauer has a great build quality, it said to almost the same quality with Longines, but with fraction of price because assembled locally, so the tax is not heavy.

Presented is one of most unique wittnauer watch, the first electric watch in the world using Landeron cal 4750 movement.

it has the most unique design with distinctive hands and dial design.

This watch featured a great compressor case, with single crown. Compressor case has character of crosshatched crown, with Wittnauer logo.

One thing I like about compressor case is that the shape is not to big, 36mm, but it has great wrist presence.

The lug is bulky, the bezel is in great proportion to dial.

Unique big crown that are main attraction

Wittnauer Electro-Chron Landeron 4750

circa 1962

Case is stainless steel with sign of use

plexiglass is original polished

dial and hands original in good condition with aging presented, marking still in good shape

movement 4750 in good condition keep good time, please note that it must run on 1.55V battery, default is 1.6V battery