Ciga Design Z-series

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Ciga Design Z-series

Dimensi 41 x 48 mm

lug 22mm

2020 German National Design Award Masterpiece
“The watch presents as outwardly exceptional, stunning and refined with the additional benefit of customisation through different straps in varying materials and colours. Combining a sapphire glass and a steel body with a transparent face that shows all internal moving parts, results in a tough, enduring watch that has a wow factor for the viewer and wearer alike.”

Open for all to see
The distinctive ‘Tonneau’ shaped casing is inlaid with six hexagonal screws for added structural strength and perfectly displays the custom automatic movement.

Sapphire Crystal
Possessing the exact chemical makeup as natural sapphire, the second hardest known element, the crystal is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and scratches and is the material we use on all of our watch faces. Second only in hardness to diamond, the mirror can withstand a lifetime of use and remain looking exceptional.

A customised SEAGULL automatic movement means it is your drive that powers our watches. Kinetic energy is harnessed from your activities and used to power the mechanical movement. 25 Jewels, 21600 frequency and a power reserve of up to 40 hours.