Citizen Cutlass CUAS 3001-TA linen dial

Rp 2.500.000


Very Rare and Collectible

Citizen made Cutlass watch back in the 1968, it has some variant, day date 27 or 33 jewel, daate only 33 jewel, no date 30 jewel. All use different caliber for each variant.

back in the day, higher jewel means more cost production and tax, thus higher price bracket. It also indicate the Cutlass made for mid to high class watch.

even though Cutlass use automatic movement, the thickness relatively thiner than other automatic watch.

It harder to see a cutlass in good condition

Grab while you can

to add the this beautiful dress watch to your collection.

Citizen Cutlass CUAS 3001-TA linen dial

diameter 37mm BIGSIZE

circa 1968

case is stainless steel with light marks

plexiglass polished

dial and hands original unpolished, with light aging at dial edge

leather strap

unit and replaced box

movement cal 6420 good condition, keep a good time (+-60s) good power reserve

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